Unisex Lapel Pins

Cee Cee Sand

Listen, we all have our own style (Thank Goodness) and accessories are an affordable way to show the WORLD that your style is popping. Whether it's unisex lapel pins, pocket squares, boot chains, scarves, necklaces or earrings- YOU get decide the statement you want to make. Looking for a little inspiration? Here are 3 cute and clever was to use one of our unisex lapel pins and look like- no one else!



Shorts~ There is nothing like the summer and the chance to show off what your momma gave you! Wearing shorts with you shirt tucked in the front so that the front area shows is not only on trend, but a great place to highlight an accessory. Pin a unisex lapel pin to the front of your shorts, and brighten the entire look up!



Hats~ There are so many snap-backs out there! Depending on the statement you are trying to get across, adding a lapel pin to any hat is a fun filled way to stand out and create your own style!



Tank Tops~ A statement unisex lapel pin is totally the way to go when thinking of spicing up your summer look. It's all about the necklace! Feel free to play with your options here and do what feels right to you- no 2 combinations will look the same! You can mix and match all summer and look amazing each time!



Need MORE inspiration??? Send me an e-mail (help@secessories.com) with the event you’re going to and pictures of what you want to wear, and I will throw some ideas your way.






Cee Cee Sand



***Be Independent~Create Your Own Style***